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In News: Austrailia and Darfur (in Sudan)

So I kind of wander if people like this, Man charged over rock throwing incident think they're at war. Surely he didn't seem all that concerned that dropping a rock on a passing car might hurt the people inside of it. So basically, the thing is there are consequences: a 22 yr old girl is now in a coma over some twat's boredom and failure at life. (This is from Australia. I get their news occasionally as my e-mail has a New Zealand address. It's funny getting targeted news from halfway across the world!)

Also, slightly annoyed but a small article in today's paper that I liked didn't seem to make it onto the web from (The Washington Post). The gist of the matter can be summed up with a few choice quotes from the article and Sudanese officials: ' "There has been a lot of black propagand about Darfur and Sudan, lies, hypocrisy, speaking about racial cleansing," said interior Minister Zybaur Bashir Taha. "The Bush-Blair axis has been responsible for this black propaganda, and we'd like to show them this is not the case,"...'

Also reported was the Sudanese gov'ts estimation of loss of life: 9,000 people in Darfur. [Whereas International estimates are closer to up to 450,000, with 2.5 million displaced.]

As President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said, ' "During our visit we confirmed that most of Darfur is now secure and enjoying real peace." ... "People are living normal lives." '

'While The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrents for junior cabinet minister Ahmad Muhammad Harun... [he] was present at the metting. [Harun is] unable to travel outside Sudan or greet international delegations, he represents the ruling party at most official functions.'

So indeed, if you have today's paper its in section A page 12 near the bottom of the page, Bashir Paints Bright Picture of Darfur. Well at least some parts of the world are looking up, no? [/rolls eyes]
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