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Jena 6 Protests

Hey so, if people want they can wear black for the Jena 6 case. "As of Wednesday, according to the local NAACP and news reports, organizers said they were hoping up to 40,000 people would converge on Jena, a two-lane-highway town of 3,500." From The Washington Post , which actually does a better story then the NY Times on this as the NY Times leaves out much of the actual lead up to the towns tensions with the black community. 

If I was on the ball i could have gotten a free road trip out of this. While it would have been a bit awkward to just show up at Howard Uni, at the last minute and figuring out whether to metro or drive but I bet this would have been fun and i even have the day off but got up too late. (afternoon.) I'm sure all the buses left in the morning. Too bad. I've never been to Louisiana. And I bet they would have taken me if they had room. :(

This might be kind of interesting. I'm sure the town of 3,500, which is less then the size of my highschool, will find it educational to be the focus of such attention and such crowds. I bet you they're flooded! The blogisphere does make it a bit hard to have parallel countries within the same country, even if it does violate some privacy in the process. However this is appropriate as it sticks to laws and not private disagreements. Public officials should expect no privacy for legal actions, its not in their job description and they definately wanted those jobs. The same rigeur in investigating the race motivated attourney in the Duke Case (where the opposite conclusion was reached), is warrented here too.

Note: This was actually spearheaded by a local Radio DJ, Michael Baisden, and not Al Sharpton, which is probably why it actually highlights more of a real case. I've listened to him before, as I'm highly lazy about my radio dial and typically don't hunt for music as i go on short trips a lot. Other then that, he mostly seems to cater to the african american savage love and self help category type of radio show. (Probably for people over 30).
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