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Iran's changing... just look at the statistics!

Anyone else find it interesting that Iran's age structure is significantly different then it was 7 years ago? Iran's population growth rate (.663%) is slower then it is in the United States (.894%). They are barely replacing themselves, in the future, all the women who aren't having children either will have a baby boom or the country population might stop growing. I suspect that the people moving out are young men but maybe they are losing young women to migration as well. ??

The median age was 22.3 years old in 2003
Now the median age is 25.8 years old (2007)

The fertility rate is lower too, in 2000 it was 2.2 children/woman
in 2003, 1.99 children/ woman
in 2007, 1.71 children/ woman
(replacement rate is about 2.01/children per woman??, to remain in equilibrium)

Their birth rate went from 18.29/ 1000 population (2000)
to 17.23/ 1000 population (2003)
to 16.57/ 1000 population (2007)

Their death rate has risen, 0.19% points to 5.65 (2007, since 2000), as there are more older people reaching the end of their life and less younger people replacing them. This is also like birthrates, as a percentage of 1000 people in the population. (At this point 5.4% of the people are 65 years or older).

Population loss to net migration is high, except for when it lowered in 2003 probably due to refugees from Iraq. At this point the numbers are, -4.29 migrants/1000 population.

So this is the backdrop of the country, here is what the economist has to say on Iran.

Note: This is lower then China's fertility rate: 1.75 children/woman, and china's growth rate is barely lower then Iran's, despite having the significantly older median age 33.2 years old. Also not as many chinese people move, they are only losing -0.39/ 1000 to migration.

So yay. I love my CIA World FACTBOOKS! My christmas present to myself. Maybe I'll try to see if I can buy more!! I am disappointed. The 2000 books don't have my favorate statistic: the median age!!! Also. I got a blender.... does dance... i made smoothies!
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