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Book? Any interest?

I'm kind of thinking of writing a book this summer, would anyone buy it? I don't think i explain things well on LJ as its mostly just not long enough of a format and it takes too long to explain in a page what's in my head as i think in multi-variables. I'd probably write on some of the stuff i've touched on in this journal (globalization stuff and the intersection of american and international politics) but hopefully better. I am good at explaining tricky concepts if given enough space and if I am not just hyperfocusing on a microargument it should be a lot more clear, as i've a background as a math tutor but as i'm just dicking around on LJ i never explain the whole concept in my head (which is why a book form would be better).

So if anyone has any ideas i wouldn't mind feedback. I've no idea how to publish anything as mostly i've just been fucking around with the whole blogging thing and am kind of sophomoric about it. Honestly i'm kind of a troll as its entirely too easy to do that online (and in person) but by what process do you 'grow up' and become a legit author? This chameleon is curious if anyone has good answers. :)

Maybe i could apply for a part time job and do this during the week. I'm not sure what the best way to go about this would be.
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