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queen_fire's Journal

Optomistic but realististic too...
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I'm a bit weird: I am obsessed with a few topics such as math, theatre, economics, public choice, economic development and have been following the culture wars with interest so have applied a lot of third world economic development theory to follow the politics here in the United States and our drifting allies overseas- primarily as to sympathetic trade relationships and culture. I have a.d.h.d and have been running around with yuppies, goths and punks since I was 16. I used to be a logic nazi, still am at times but largely got bored of that. I think it is a self imposed reaction from the public school system where everyone is told they are above average, so who could blame me for a certain cynicism? I am theatrical, interesting people have always found me and I find them. That's just the way of the world.

Squeee! Gini Coefficient Love! ... OK. I am a dork.

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